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Five reasons you need to book food hygiene TBDS elementary food hygiene training courses in stirling,glasgow,edinburgh,invernesstraining today

1. You will satisfy legal requirements for your workplace and as an employer comply with current EU 852/2004 Regulations on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs and the new Food Hygiene (UK) Regulations 2006.

2. REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene training is a professionally and nationally recognised certificated course which provides training in the principles and best practice of good food hygiene.

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Flower Marie Sheep Milk Cheese Recalled

Sheep Milk Cheese Recalled

The Golden Cross Cheese Company Ltd is recalling five batches of on a precautionary basis because of the presence of Listeria monocytogenes.rehis food hygiene training in scotland

Listeria monocytogenes is a bacterium that can cause food poisoning, particularly among key vulnerable groups, including pregnant women, unborn and newborn babies, those over 60 years old, and anyone with reduced immunity.

The Golden Cross Cheese Company Ltd is recalling the above product and has contacted its customers. A point-of-sale notice will be displayed by businesses selling this product. The notice alerts customers to the recall and advises them of what actions to take if they have bought the product. A copy of the point-of-sale notice can be found via the link below.
No other The Golden Cross Cheese Company Ltd products are known to be affected.


Know Your Menu Allergens

food allergens menu information

Know your menu allergens

Restaurants, Caterers, Care Sector and Allergens

Serious stuff this morning, life and death I am afraid.

Know Your Menu Allergens

Anyone preparing, selling or serving food to the public should by now have systems in place to handle the major changes to food labelling legislation surrounding allergy information that recently become mandatory.
Current food labelling laws for the foodservice industry will changed in December 2014, and EHOs are cracking down on this now. This means that all operators or suppliers offering food items on their menus for the end consumer will need to provide easily understood allergy information.
The legislation means that specific food allergens listed within the EU regulation FIR 1169/2011, including peanuts and gluten, must be highlighted. Continue reading

Food Crime Unit to be established for Scotland

New food crime unit for Scotland

food safety training in edinburgh,glasgow,inverness,stirlinIt has recently been reported that a new Scottish Food Crime and Incident Unit (SFCIU) is to be set up by Food Standards Scotland (FSS) to tackle food fraud.

At its meeting on 16 September the FSS Board agreed the remit of the new unit which will be responsible for surveillance and detection of fraud and deliberate
non-compliance within the food chain, and is being set up as a result of the recommendations of the Scudamore Expert Advisory Group which was established by Scottish Ministers in February 2013 in the wake of the horsemeat incident. Continue reading

Halloumi Cheese Re called

The OOO Company recalls all varieties of its Infused Oils and vacuum-packed Halloumi Cheese


food hygienge trying in scotlandDue to concerns over its procedures in place to control Clostridium botulinum. – See more at:
The effectiveness of process controls that could potentially affect the safety of these products cannot be demonstrated satisfactorily. The issue relates to controlling factors to prevent the growth and toxin production of Clostridium botulinum. The botulinum toxin may cause a serious form of food poisoning called botulism. Although no trace of the toxin has been found in products tested, a recall from customers is being carried out as a precautionary measure.

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140 customers infected with food poisoning bug

Nottingham kebab shop owners sentenced after 140 customers infected with food poisoning bug

Two kebab shop owners must pay more than £28,000 in compensation after 142 people were infected with a rare food poisoning bug, including a girl who could have died.
Mohammad Abdul Basit, 48, of Palmerston Street, in Derby, and Amjad Bhatti, of Burton Road, Derby, pleaded guilty to seven offences of failing to comply with European provisions for food safety and hygiene. Continue reading

Food Poisoning taken seriously in USA

Sentenced to 28 years in prison

A former peanut company executive was sentenced to 28 years in prison Monday for his part in a salmonella outbreak that resulted in nine deaths and hundreds of sick Americans. Stewart Parnell received one of the worst punishments ever given to a manufacturer in a foodborne illness case, Associated Press reports.

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Sausage Allergy Alert

Sausages Withdrawn Allergy Alertfood safety blog

This means the products are a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to wheat and/or celery.

Product details
The withdrawn F.L. Edge & Son Ltd brand products are:
• Plain Sausage
• Chipolata Sausage
• The Harling Pork Sausage (this product contains celery)
• Sage & Onion Sausage
‘Best before’ end: all products with date codes of 16 September 2015 up to and including 23 September 2015

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