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training coursesTraining and Business Development Services offer a wide range of top quality training courses for tourism, hospitality and other service industries. Developed  over a period of years these  courses offer up to date training solutions to meet the changing and growing needs and challenges faced by business in the 21st century.

Business Development Training Courses 

Heres a few examples of the kind of courses we can offer.

Assertivness Training

Assertiveness is not about being aggressive and ruthless, it’s about knowing your rights and responsibilities. Giving you the confidence to say ‘No’ when you need to. This course teaches delegates to consider their own needs while still respecting those of colleagues.

The assertivness skills training course covers

Rights and responsibilities in assertiveness
Behaviour styles – assertive – aggressive – passive
Making and refusing requests
Giving and receiving praise and compliments
Handling aggressive behaviour
Action planning

The course style is informal and requires participation from the delegates with active discussion, exercises and role-plays.      This is a one-day course.

Complaint Handling

Complaints are Opportunities

Turn complaints into opportunities to make them your biggest customers. Change the mood – turn anger into more positive productive co-operation.

This course teaches skills that will satisfy complainers and calm upset customers making sure that everyone leaves your company with a good feeling.

Your trainees will learn how to

Take control of difficult situations
Deal effectively with complaints
Discover ways to build rapport with your customers
Develop strategies that lead to a positive outcome

The course also covers:

Why companies lose customers
Advantages of handling complaints effectively
Complaints as opportunities
Common causes of complaints
Natural reactions
Handling complaints – the process
Listening skills
Do’s and Don’ts
It ihis is a full one-day course and is preferably taken in conjunction with Customer Care – Giving Exceptional Service.

Customer Care

Looking for increased sales? More repeat business? Fewer customer complaints? More word of mouth praise than ever before?

If the answer is Yes! Then you need to be giving exceptional customer care.

This course teaches skills that will keep your customers coming back time and again.

Your trainees will learn how to

Give the right first impression and make your customers feel welcome and wanted

Be able to listen effectively and to understand exactly what your customers really want

Give customers their full attention while serving them efficiently

Keep a positive attitude throughout the day, every day

Become recognised in your company for their exceptional customer service skills

The customer care training course covers

Why does customer care matter
What is your policy to customer care
What do customers really buy – Features vs. Benefits
What encourages/inhibits good customer care
Measuring customer satisfaction
Listening skills
Effective telephone skills
Writing to customers
Dealing with difficult situations
Plan to succeed

This is a full one-day course

Increasing Restaurant & Bar Sales Sales

Designed to help restaurant and bar workers work smarter, not harder. On this program delegates will learn what customers really want – exceptional service. They’ll take away 21 guaranteed ways to have more fun at work and put money into everyone’s pocket. Happier customers mean higher sales. The course content is based on real life experiences so it’s all useable stuff not just theory. Great fun and it’ll add 10% on your sales!

The restaurant & bar sales training course covers

Learning how to recognise how first impressions will lead to increased sales
Deliver opening lines that engage customers in conversation and open sales opportunities
Learning how to use product knowledge and descriptive terms to sell
Use non-verbal communication to reinforce menu suggestions
Identify the 6 key selling opportunities and recognise how to make the most of them
The course style is informal and requires participation from the delegates with active discussion and role-plays.

Interview & Selection Techniques

This course is designed for managers and supervisors who are responsible for interviewing and selecting new colleagues. The course looks at identifying the right person for the job and following a structured interviewing process that ensures the best person for the job is recruited.

The interview & selection training course covers

Identifying the type of person required for the job
Short-listing candidates
Interview structure
Question techniques
Non-verbal communication
Evaluation of candidates
After the interview
Making your action plan
The course style is informal and requires participation from the delegates with active discussion, exercises and role-plays.
This is a one-day course.

Leadership Skills

Leadership can be learned and developed. This course is suitable for anyone who is in a position with responsibility for others. Whether newly in this position or have been there for some time you’ll learn how to inspire and lead your team forward. Leadership is the art of managing people so it’s important you recognise what helps motivate and what de-motivates people so that you will get the best from them.

The leadership skills training course covers

Leadership qualities
Motivation – what motivates people and why
Delegation – how, what and when to delegate
Assertive behaviour
Setting and agreeing objectives

The course style is informal and requires participation from the delegates with active discussion, exercises and role-plays.
This is a one-day course.

Reception Sales Training Course

You can’t afford your reception to be just an order-taking department. They can increase your sales in so many ways. Knowing what to look for will help them get higher rates when dealing with enquiries and more from existing business – just two of the key areas when it comes to sales.

Your trainees will learn how to

Identify exactly what the customer wants  –  helping to  make better sales
Check all correspondence to identify any possible opportunities for more business
Take the price out of selling – overcoming price resistance
Benefits versus Features
Identifying buying signals and learning how to close the sales
This is a one-day course.

Supervisor Development

Team Working

Building better teams

‘Many hands make light work’ or ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’? The choice is yours! If teams are focused and well led then you achieve more and with better results. A poorly led, unfocused team is a costly exercise. This course teaches skills that will help people to work better together and to understand the need to focus on the same objective.

The team working training course covers

The need for teams
The objective
Characteristics of effective teams
Team roles
Working together
Communication within the team
Supportive development
Problem solving and decision making
The course style is informal and requires participation from the delegates with active discussion and exercises.    This is a one-day course.

How to Book

As these courses are normally always in-house they can by tailor-made to suit the exact needs of your business.  if you would like to discuss any particular course, or maybe have a course developed and written especially for you business or organisation, then please get in touch using the contact form

Food Safety Training is also available for individual food handlers,restaurants,hotels and other organisations. This can be in house or REHIS safety training throughout scotland