Food Safety Scotland

REHIS Approved Food Safety Training

REHIS Food Safety Training Courses

TBDS provide REHIS certificated training courses for individuals, businesses and orgainisations in key areas of food safety

TBDS provide REHIS certificated training  courses  for individuals, businesses and orgainisations in  key areas of food safety:

Elementary Food Hygiene Training

Cross-contamination Training

Elementary Food Hygiene Training Refresher

HACCP System Training

In House Food Safety Training

As a REHIS approved training centre TBDS naturally use REHIS training materials. These are: The Food Hygiene Handbook for Scotland,The HACCP Handbook and Hygiene Sense Hygiene Awareness. Trainees will recieve a copy of a copy of the handbook relevant to their course,

rehis food safety training courses

Five reasons you need to book food hygiene training today

1.You will satisfy legal requirements for your workplace and as an employer, c omply with current EU 852/2004 Regulations on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs and the new Food Hygiene (UK) Regulations 2006.

2.REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene is a professionally and nationally recognised certificated course which provides training in the principles and best practice of good food hygiene.

3.You ensure the safety of your customers & service users

4.You learn skills for the workplace – prepare food safely and confidently

5. A low food hygiene score published food safety score by your local EHO or the serving of an improvement notice for non-compliance could have serious implications for your business or organisation