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Restaurant Closure Poor Hygiene Standards

Rat Infestation Forces Restaurant Closure

It has recently been reported that a Chinese restaurant in Pinner, Middlesex, was forced to shut down temporarily – and owner Shuai Zhang ordered to pay £800 costs after inspectors found ingredients that were eight years out of date, poor hygiene standards and rat droppings on the floor and in the food. restaurant closure.
The closure came after Harrow environmental health officers discovered a rat infestation in the property.


Poor Hygiene Standards

Food packets that went out of date in 2007 and ingredients contaminated with insects and rat droppings were among the major hygiene lapses at the restaurant  were among the poor hygiene standards picked up during a routine inspection.

On apositive not, despite the grisly finds, the Hoi Kee has now reopened its doors to the public.
The nearby TSK Cash And Carry was also closed down after falling foul of health and safety standards – but is now back in business.
Graham Henson, Harrow Councillor for crime and community safety, said: “Each and every day environment health officers are working hard across Harrow to keep people safe.
“Any shop or local business with poor standards of hygiene run the risk of being shut down.

It is not acceptable for shops serving food to have rats running around their premises.
“On this occasion Hoi Kee Chinese Restaurant and TSK Cash and Carry fell short of these standards.
“In such serious cases which endanger so many I am pleased that once again our officers took action before any harm was done to customers of these food businesses.”
Since the court hearings, Hoi Kee and TSK Cash And Carry have had to carry out stringent improvements to protect against future pest infestations.

Of course had  this restaurant undertaken an approved REHIS HACCP awareness training course it would have had in place House Rules covering, amongst others Pest Control,Cleaning Standards, Stock Control & Rotation and Storage.

restaurant closure. HACCP TRAINING